pr and communication planning

Could your organisation or team be communicating more effectively with internal and external stakeholders? Could your marketing be more effective?

The first step to communication success involves developing a strategy and action plan, which will ensure communication focuses on the right things, in the right way, at the right time.

Our communication planning workshops are the ideal way to create an action plan that facilitates targeted, clear, consistent – and successful – communication with stakeholders.

PR and communication planning is Recommended for

  • Businesses wanting to improve communication with employees, existing and prospective customers, interest groups, suppliers, etc.

  • Not-for profits who want to communicate more effectively with existing and prospective members, donors, employees and key influencers

  • Project or programme teams who want to improve understanding, buy-in, support and/or uptake from management, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

What will be achieved

Workshops will deliver a communication action plan for achieving your goals and provide clear accountabilities so that everyone has a common understanding of:

  • What you want to achieve

  • When you want to achieve it by

  • Who you are targeting

  • What messages you want to convey

  • How you are going to go about it

  • Who will be responsible for undertaking action items

  • How much it will cost

  • How you will be able to measure success

Who should attend

This depends upon the communication or public relations plan’s scope. Attendees are typically:

  • Management teams

  • Project or programme teams

  • Communication teams or individuals

Contact us for more information.

NZ Trade & Enterprise Regional Business Partner subsidy for our PR plan workshops

Cadence Communications is a NZ Trade & Enterprise Regional Business Partner network provider and our PR plan workshops are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. This means you may be eligible for a 50% discount when attending a PR planning workshop. Find out more by visiting

If they deem you are eligible, they will provide you with log-in details. Then it’s simply a matter of searching for Cadence Communications’ PR plan workshop – from there you will be guided on what to do next in order to get your subsidised workshop underway.

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